Business Travel

Planeta Real helps you to plan your leisure and business trips, being a partner of excellence for your company’s growth and an added value for its development.

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With increasingly competitive markets and considering the growing number of companies needing to expand their business, Planeta Real has been positioning itself as an important partner for the management, planning and monitoring of travels whenever executives and employees have to attend meetings, congresses, conferences and seminars, among others.

Achieving significant competitive advantages for its customers, trough the acquires know how, the technologies used and agreements with the suppliers, Planeta Real has been working in order to enable companies to save, and simultaneously, maximize their investment in this type of travel.

Seeing that each company has its own characteristics, we offer innovative proposals tailored to the various needs, so that the services we provide may also be reflected on the development and growth of our clients businesses.

Why wait any longer?

Make an appointment with a consultant from Planeta Real and have a restful trip. A team of professionals will be on the ground monitoring your route and ensuring that nothing will interfere with the success of your trip!