About Us

The time has come for the desired travel. Whether you leave on business or on a revitalizing adventure or even on a well-deserved leisure programme, Planeta Real is the tourism and travel agency truly able to fully comply with your requirements and expectations.

Since it was established in 2006, Planeta Real advises and organizes business and entertainment trips in a customized way and provides quality products and services to any destination on the planet.

Planeta Real - Viagens e Rent a Car

Why choose Planeta Real?

  • Consulting and customized travel planning, for solutions achieved in accordance with the real customers’s needs;
  • Thorough selection of business partners to ensure a quick response as well as excellent quality and efficiency;
  • We use a global and integrated technological infrastructure in order to ease the booking process and the management of all the aspects of the trip;
  • Highly qualified and experienced multidisciplinary professionals, able to establish partnership relations with customers and suppliers;
  • Total customer orientation, around which we develop our work and according to which we take all our decisions for a full satisfaction;
  • International Travel Assistance Service (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) with consultants available for anything the customer may need;
  • Our consultant goes to the customer for greater convenience;
  • Pre-check in and delivery of travel documents at the airport;
  • Information on flight delays through SMS;
  • Obtaining Visas and other documents required to travel.

Why wait any longer?

Make an appointment with a consultant from Planeta Real and have a restful trip. A team of professionals will be on the ground monitoring your route and ensuring that nothing will interfere with the success of your trip!